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Our research group specializes in detailed assessments of plant-soil interactions and gas fluxes with the atmosphere. We also scale up our analysis for interdisciplinary applied research on management practices that support multiple co-benefits for the environment and production systems.

Tractor tilling cover crops into soil at an experimental research plot

Plant nutrient and water acquisition in diversified agroecosystems


Investigations of root trait variation and covariation in relation to soil properties and climate, and how these processes can be modified by neighbouring plants in more diversified agroecosystems and under ecological nutrient management.

Researchers in a cocoa agroforestry system measuring root biomass with ground penetrating radar

In situ methods for investigating root ecology


Advancing and developing new methods and applications of non-invasive sampling techniques such as geo-imaging with ground penetrating radar, minirhizotron cameras, and isotope analysis to describe root system architecture and interactions in soil under field conditions.

Microcosms in an environmental chamber

Greenhouse emissions regulated by plant root-soil interactions


Through field and lab experiments, we are empirically relating root functional trait variation and microbial community composition and function, with emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane from agricultural environments.

Researchers in a soybean field with forest in background

Climate change mitigation in the agriculture sector


Interdisciplinary projects working with academic researchers, farmers, government scientists, and industry stakeholders to evaluate and operationalize a range of nature-based solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon.

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